August Newsletter 2017

August 25, 2017


CureFest for Childhood Cancer will be held in Washington DC on September 16 and 17. It’s mission is to make childhood cancer research a national priority by uniting the childhood cancer community, the general public, the medical community, and our elected leaders as one voice against childhood cancer. The event features a family-friendly atmosphere with a rally, a candlelight vigil, a walk, games, activities, and entertainment. For more info, visit

Other Activities During September—Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Planning to go to DC during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? Activities all month long aim to help our government make childhood cancer a national priority. A few events you can choose from are rally for medical research, childhood cancer caucus summit, youth lobby day, and candlelight vigil at the White House. For more info on activities, check out this page – September 1027 In Our Capitol.

Snazzy Covers for PICC Lines

Mother of three, Caroline Chang, decided to get creative after her son Wes was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma at 15 months old. She wanted a way for Wes to keep the IV tubes from dangling on his arms, so she created PICC line sleevies “for kids who ROCK a PICC line!” Once other parents saw what she had done, they asked for sleevies for their own children, so Chang opened her PICCSTAR Etsy shop. You can also click here for other sources of snazzy PICC line covers.

Race for Children Act Signed into Law

Great news! The Race for Children Act, with bipartisan support, is now law. Although there are 900 drugs being developed for adults with cancer, only a handful are being developed for children. Under this new law, companies developing cancer drugs for adults will also test them for children with cancer if the molecular target is relevant to a childhood cancer.

Wigs for Kids

Hair For You Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to purchase a wig for children ages 18 years old who live in Illinois and have hair loss due to a medical condition. Hair For You Foundation was founded in 2003 by Rebecca Reznick, a 2-time survivor of rhabdomyosarcoma. For more information, click here.

A Video to Sooth and Relax

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