November Newsletter 2016

November 29, 2016


Making Cancer Less Painful for Kids. 

Pain in children and adolescents is often one of the most commonly experienced and distressing symptoms of cancer and its treatment. Over the next 12 months, the Cancer Knowledge Network will share the very best information about children’s cancer pain – what causes it, common myths, how to assess it, how to treat it, and more. They will provide this information in a series of blogs, videos, images, Facebook posts, and Twitter chats.  Find out more about how you can help your child or teen better manage their pain here.


Help Childhood Cancer Guides During This Holiday Season

Here are two ways to help CCG in the last weeks of 2016. On Giving Tuesday (Nov 29) through the rest of the year, please donate to CCG. All donated funds will be used to create and print a new edition of Childhood Leukemia: A Guide for Families, Friends & Caregivers. Also, when you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will send a small donation to Childhood Cancer Guides. Bookmark this link to support us every time you shop. Thank you and happy shopping!


Reauthorize the Creating Hope Act

Please take 2 minutes to write your elected representatives asking Congress to reauthorize the Creating Hope Act to ensure that children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses can have new drugs developed specifically for them. The Creating Hope Act Pediatric PRV has been wildly successful. It has created almost $1 billion in research and development incentives for drugs for children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. Click here to contact your elected officials.


Oncology Nurse Apologizes to Her Patients

An oncology nurse recently diagnosed with cancer apologized to all of her previous patients in a moving blog post. She wrote, “I prided myself in connecting with my patients and helping them manage their cancer and everything that comes with it. I really thought I got it––I really thought I knew what it felt like to go through this journey. I didn’t.” Beautiful blog post, but honestly, no one gets it until it happens to them. Click here to read her post.


Tip for Survivors

Stay healthy by seeing an expert in survivorship once a year. A recent study found that “…only 14.6% of [survivors of childhood cancer] indicated that they received care at a cancer center despite evidence that many primary care physicians lack the knowledge to appropriately address complications among childhood survivors.” Click these links to read more about this study and find a list of survivorship clinics in the United States and Canada.

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