October Newsletter 2017

October 24, 2017

Imaginary Friend Society!

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation developed several cool short films that explain treatment to kids with brain tumors and other types of cancer. These kid-friendly films cover cancer, chemotherapy, MRIs, blood transfusion, radiation, feelings, and other important topics. Check them out here.

Meet Author Anne Spurgeon

Anne Spurgeon is the lead author of our book Childhood Cancer: A Parent’s Guide to Solid Tumor Cancers. Anne is the parent of a long-term survivor of rhabdomyosarcoma, a soft tissue sarcoma. For more than 15 years, she served as the executive director of the Badger Childhood Cancer Network in Madison, Wisconsin. Its mission is to educate, support, serve, and advocate for children with cancer, their families, survivors of childhood cancer, and the professionals who care for them. Anne enjoys having adventures with her three interesting young adult children; kayaking the beautiful lakes of Wisconsin; reading history, anthropology, and science; and making and drinking craft beer.

Childhood Cancer: A Parent’s Guide to Solid Tumor Cancers, 3rd ed

Anne was lead author of this comprehensive guide that covers neuroblastoma, retinoblastoma, Wilms tumor (and other kidney tumors), hepatoblastoma (and other liver tumors), osteosarcoma (and other bone sarcomas), rhabdomyosarcoma (and other soft tissue sarcomas). It contains essential information that families and friends need during this difficult time, including how to:

•  Understand the diagnosis
•  Get excellent treatment
•  Cope with side effects
•  Find emotional support
•  Identify helpful resources

Woven throughout the text are true stories—practical, poignant, moving, funny—from more than 150 children with solid tumors, their siblings, and their parents. The text was reviewed by renowned experts in pediatric oncology, and the foreword was written by Garrett Brodeur, MD, Co-director of the Division of Oncology and Director of the Center for Childhood Cancer Research at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Click here for more information.

Grants for Family Building

Survivors who desire to build their family but need financial support can apply for a grant from the Samfund. Grants of up to $4,000 are available for those who are considering IUI, IVF, gestational carrier, adoption, etc. Strong applicants for this type of grant have a concrete plan, an approximate timeframe for their procedure or process, and other resources for funding the remainder of the cost (if higher than $4,000). For more info click this link. Look at little Luke’s smile!

Survivors Worry About Insurance Coverage

New research shows that nearly 25 percent of childhood cancer survivors experience “job lock,” a dilemma in which people stay in a job they would otherwise leave out of fear of losing insurance and being cut off from affordable health care access. Lead researcher Anne Kirchhoff, said, “This could really affect their career growth, really could sort of affect their income long term, which would really affect their quality of life.” Read more here.

A Video to Make You Smile

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